Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sports Day 2013

Sports Day 2013

Well. Today was the big of the big sporting events that my school does annually. All athletics events from 100m to 1500m and the traditional field events excluding pole vaulting. Lets just say....short distance (Anything below 3-5K are not my forte). Lactic builds up too fast and I quickly jump into my anaerobic zone/lactic threshold zone. I originally didn't qualify for any events but my PE teacher said that I had potential so he wanted me in both 1500m and 400m.

Garmin Connect files below:
Not too shabby; I set my 310XT to autolap every 500m and you can defiantly see that my time slows after the first 500m. I could feel the lactic burning throughout my body and struggled to gain any speed. Oh well. I'm just not built for short distance...or trained enough for short distance bursting distances. 

Not too shabby again.....I hit my predicted time as I wanted to save some energy for the 4x400m relay later on in the afternoon. Way easier than the 1500m since the distance was halved. 

I was the first runner. Each lap was for each of the other runners in my team. I gotta say; my 400m wasn't as bad as I thought! 57s is close to the fastest...or actually the fastest time that I ever set for that distance!
Great work team! We started around 5th (when I ran) and ended up 3rd when we finished!

Overall; great day. I could still do better...but I'm going to focus on long distance events. 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

2013 Duathlon Series Race 1 Report

2013 Duathlon Series Race 1

What to say? First race of the season and I was hyped all day the day before. I was feeling fast since I started my new training program after Christmas and I wanted a quality race to see if the training was helping. 

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of me before the race and the setup, but I'll upload any photos that people have taken of me as soon as they've been uploaded by them. 


Conditions were ideal. Not too cold, some wind and moderate sun coverage during the race. Temperatures hovered at about 13*C when the sun wasn't out but rose back to 15/16*C when the sun was out and about.

The Race

My course was the long course of all the events today. (3.2K run, 20K bike, 3.2K run)
Start time was at 0800 but got pushed back to 0815. 

Leg 1 (Run 3.2K):

My category (Male Junior; 16-19 years old) started off with the Junior Elites (HK National Team), Male AG 19-24, Male AG 25-29. It was an intense start as all the elites could maintain a sub 3:30/km pace and it was really hard for me to control my speed (which I did eventually) to slow down and keep to my own race plan. I kept a 4:05/km pace according to my 310XT....but my original plan was to go for a 4:30 pace. Oops. 

Leg 2 (Bike 20K): 

As all the triathlon/duathlon races in Hong Kong are draft legal it was crucial that I exited transition quickly to catch up with the main pack. I exited T1 and quickly moved up to my big chain ring and settled quickly into my TT position to try and catch the first pack. 3 other people ended up drafting me and we rotated till we got lapped in the 3rd lap by the lead pack. We joined up at this point and held a steady pace of over 36km/h against headwind and 38-40km/h when we had tailwinds. Alas, the person who was in my AG that had cut in front of me at one point slowed and couldn't maintain the pace and kept me from the pack. I put out a burst of speed after the turning point in the 5th lap (and hit a peak of 50km/h) and desperately tried to catch up with the main pack. I didn't want to burn everything and since he was drafting me, I let him lead hoping that he would accelerate to mid 30's to catch up the final 50ish~ meters. I was wrong. He cruised in the 31-2's. Bastard. Ruined my bike leg. I decided to try a breakaway on my own but the winds started whipping up at this point. Some adults with TT bikes joined up behind my breakaway and we shared the effort in the remaining 2 laps. 
My time for this bike leg was ok; could have been better..but most important of all I gained more valuable experience for future races. 

Leg 3 (Run 3.2K):

Got off the bike with my legs feeling like jelly. I increased my cadence and lowered the length of my strides to quickly get my muscles adjusted for the 3K run ahead. My calves threatened to cramp up but they held. I relaxed my pace slightly during the first half of the first lap before speeding up. I pushed for as much speed as I dared without cramping....with the finish line in sigh I sprinted the last 25 meters~ and it felt great pushing the stop button on my Garmin and seeing the my final time of 1:07:35, well within my goal time that I set before (1:10:00). 

Link to Garmin Connect

Update 15/01/2013 **Stats and times**

Official Finish Time: 01:07:35 (hh:mm:ss)
Not including transition times~

9th out of 16 in my AG (Male Junior; 16-19)
Amendment: 10th in my AG. One of the guys got labelled as DNS because he lost his chip during the first run. They used the manual records to get his final time. As a result I've been bumped won by 1 place. 


I'll admit, I'm a little disappointed by my bike leg because I got blocked. I should have sprinted away to the back of the pack as soon as I saw the guy in front of me start to falter.  But, now that I've experienced that I dare say I shall not make that mistake again. Looking forward to my next race which is on the 3rd of February...back to training!

Final time
Yes! I know my bike is the other way around and that there's a sports drink in my 2nd holder...I only put it there after the race and I wasn't arsed to move my chain to the big chain ring for this quick picture!

PS: Pictures will be uploaded to this blog when they're available! Unfortunately there were no pictures of me this race caught by the photographers...which is a first for me! Nonetheless there were 2 photos; 1 for pre and post race.

                Post Race                                             Pre-race chatting and preparations

Monday, 7 January 2013

New Training Toys and ...Pictures

Got my late Christmas presents today! 
I bought a used Garmin 310XT off "Armytriguy3" (great guy), it came exactly as described and was a pretty good deal since the 310XT is close to 3 years old now. I as a student can't afford the 910XT as I simply can't justify the price on it. I also bought a GSC10 (Garmin bike speed+cadence sensor) and the quick release kit for the 310XT. Very pleased so far and can't wait to start using my new watch!

Pictures from the TTT I attended yesterday finally got uploaded this afternoon; below are a few of my favorites out of the 100 or so pictures~

After the TTT...I'm on the left back in my eye catchy yellow Rudy Project thermal fleece. 

I'm at the back holding up the white bike on the right. 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

First TTT experience

My first TTT (Team Time Trial for those that don't know cycling terminology) experience left me with several goals and targets for my cycling that I don't think I would've noticed in an ordinary duathlon/triathlon race.

I need to:

  • Work on power and muscular endurance (big chain up hill and low cadence riding)
  • Don't rely on high cadence 
  • When pulling the team don't overshoot my limit, learn to conserve energy 
It was a hard 42K combined with a frosty and windy conditions (cold for us living in Hong Kong!)...well I was supposed to do 42K but I couldn't hold up after 4.5-5ish laps (approx 20-21K) then I had to do early u-turns right before the turning points to catch up with the team. I think I could have kept up if we kept our speed slightly lower and more consistent (34-36km/h) in the first 3-4 laps as we planned the day before, but for some reason the team leader changed the plan on the fly and starting us lap 1 at 38km/h and keeping that speed in headwinds and increasing it to 40-42km/h when we had tailwinds. 

My legs are still aching as I'm writing this post....but I'll recover and I'll come back stronger than before!
1st Duathlon of the winter season is scheduled for next week and predictions from the weather observatory predicts anywhere between 10-12*C so I should expect between 8-10*C because the New Territories are colder than the urban side of Hong Kong island where I live. 

Some pictures:

Coach/team leader's Scott Foil 40. Testing out Zipp 808's on the rear.
My alu roadie with borrowed aero wheels from my coach. 

Profile Design T2+ Aero bars (shorties), Rear Zipp 404 Tubulars (Alu brake track), Shimano RS80 C50 front

The sun came out after we finished....this is an aftershot back at my coaches place. And no I didn't carry 2 water bottles during the TTT, I put in my spare on my way back cause I drank up my entire bottle during the TT. 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm not going to write much since I'm feeling lazy, but I promise I'll get around to writing one or two posts this week.


  • BBQ at a friend's house. (It was cold! Roughly 6*C which is cold for someone from Hong Kong)
  • Just chilling at home and planning out workouts for the month. 

Making my bike "aero" (student budget)

  • Clip on aero bars (ITU shorties) I'm using Profile Design T2+ DL bars
  • Seat post flipped
  • Changed my cycling position
  • Going to borrow aero wheels from my friend :)